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Issue: "Parable of the perjurer," Jan. 9, 1999

Stand up, stand up

Have you ever picked up a magazine cover and suddenly been struck with the seriousness of the times we live in? Sometimes, it seems unavoidable, as with the fall of the Berlin Wall, when we were forced to acknowledge our being audience to something more than mere history in the making: something taking place in the spirit realm that would change our lives forever. The same thing happened when I looked at the recent WORLD with its cover story: "Daniel of the Year" (Dec. 5). Greatness in God's kingdom, I again realized, is not measured in stained-glass windows (although there's nothing wrong with the glass), but in the ability to stand tall in front of the great congregation while facing into the winds of hell's fury, and to declare, along with heaven, " This is the way, walk ye in it." - Frank T. Chisholm, Bronx, N.Y.

Truth important to God

I thought your article on Ken Starr was right on target. He has done his job (one he didn't want), he has served his country (more honestly than our highest official), and he has been ridiculed to no end. Honesty, truth, and principles found in the Bible are characteristics that are no longer admired in this country. But should we expect anything different from a country whose main agenda is self and lies? Thank you for writing good things about a good man! No matter what happens, Mr. Starr will be rewarded for presenting the truth. Truth is still important to God. - Todd Moss, Elk City, Okla.

Wearing a flak jacket

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Thank you for the great article on Ken Starr. It's about time someone made a statement about the character of this brave man. It should make all Christians stand a little taller in our world where flak is flying over our heads and sometimes in our face. - Shirley Roberts, Cincinnati, Ohio

Changed mind

I along with many Christians thought Mr. Starr was the worst thing to hit Capitol Hill since President Clinton. A man obsessed with sex and graphic details (in short, I thought he was doing the wrong thing for the right reason), but the article in WORLD really changed my mind. I still don't know what I think of Mr. Starr, but thanks to your article, I am rethinking my views. - Anita Fritz, West Bend, Wis.

A get-out-of-jail-free card?

How refreshing it was to read an accurate account of Kenneth Starr. It has been so disgusting to read and hear how all the liberals have tried to make him the criminal instead of President Clinton, who is the real criminal. The question is now raised-should we impeach our president since he has repented? I would say yes, absolutely. Why? Because if we apply that kind of thinking to the president, then we should apply it to all criminals across our country. We would have many empty jail cells throughout our land. - George Anderson, Carlton, Minn.

Four little words

I am so proud of you for bestowing the title of Daniel of the Year upon Kenneth Starr. You wrapped up my own feelings about him in four words: He is a hero. As for those of your readers who persist in admonishing us to pray for the president, I pray for him, all right. The answer can be found in Isaiah 22:19: "I will depose you from your office, and you will be ousted from your post." - Jacqueline Brown, San Carlos, Calif.

Duty to cover up sin

I have felt embarrassment regarding Ken Starr's actions. I am a Christian and I feel I represent a large number of Christians that agree with my view. Obviously President Clinton is wrong in his behavior, but I see no biblical justification for the uncovering of his sins. The Word has always guided us to be respectful of our national leaders. When there was conflict, it was because the leadership accused God's person, not the other way around. Also, the destruction that has occurred in Hillary and Chelsea's lives since the exposing of President Clinton's affairs has been heartbreaking. We are specifically told that love covers a multitude of sins. President Clinton's situation is an excellent example of a need to cover a multitude of sins. Mr. Starr could have privately gone to him and told him of the information of which he had become aware; that is biblical. I do think Mr. Starr will have to make amends to Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea someday for treating the Presidency with such disrespect and the welfare of Hillary and Chelsea so lightly. After all, God did place him in office for his own reasons and with his own wisdom. - Diana Berndt, Boise, Idaho


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