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Issue: "Daniel of the Year 1998," Dec. 5, 1998


Saddam Hussein's right-hand man narrowly escaped assassination on Nov. 22 when bystanders tossed two grenades at him. Izzat Ibrahim, deputy commander of Iraqi armed forces, was attacked as he made his way to a religious ceremony where he was to give a speech in Mr. Hussein's stead. The attack, characterized by BBC as "extremely serious," was the first on a senior official since 1996.

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Gore gets a pass
Even as President Clinton "pardoned" the White House turkey last week, the attorney general spared the political life of Vice President Gore. She refused-against the advice of some senior advisers, including the director of the FBI-to petition for an independent counsel to probe Mr. Gore's role in the sleazy campaign dealings of the Democratic National Committee in 1996. Where theres smoke...
The 46-state, $206 billion tobacco settlement will cost smokers about a penny per state per pack, as the economics of the deal filters through the distribution chain. The 45¢ rise marks the largest price increase in the history of cigarette retailing. And it comes on top of the approximate 20 cent per pack rise following settlements with four other states. Tobacco industry investment analysts predicted the steep price hikes will make it all the more difficult for governments to raise new taxes on cigarettes-now that the price per pack is set to rise more than 25 percent, to about $2.45. Some economists worry that the high prices will create a black market.


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