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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Daniel of the Year 1998," Dec. 5, 1998

Get out of the chapel

I read your article "Recovery time" (Oct. 24). I think it is wonderful that Darryl Strawberry turned to God and is now a Christian. Buy why are photographers in the chapel? Can't they be told to leave? - Katie Dorn (12), Momence, Ill.

Too worldly

Please cancel my subscription. Your mix of being Christian and being of the world is too dangerous for me. You have a real "worldly" WORLD magazine-and you can keep it. - David Pedersen, Galesburg, Ill.

-ish? Yech!

"Worldviewishly" ("Sound out ar-ro-gant," Oct. 31)? Mercy! - Pete Linch, Abilene, Texas

Right for wrong reason

Your pro-life violence article ("'Pro-life' violence: Here we go again," Nov. 7) was a good example of arriving at the right conclusion for all the wrong reasons.There's nothing inherently wrong with vigilante justice. The rule of law is not an end in itself. It's supposed to be a means to an end-the promotion of justice. To say that the death of Slepian was wrong because "no one knows when God will change the heart of an abortionist" is ridiculous. If WORLD is concerned with "pro-life" violence, it should offer an article with some constructive suggestions. It seems to me that the most promising strategy is not governmental but economic. Sponsor a Christian legal society that recruits women who have suffered physical and psychological trauma as a result of abortion, and then start filing law suits. It only takes a few victories, a few precedents, to raise malpractice premiums to the point where the abortion clinic becomes prohibitively expensive. The same strategy would apply to the pharmaceutical industry (i.e., the abortion pill). It may not work, but nothing else is working, so it is worth a try. - Steve Hays, Kirkland, Wash.

Why give more ammunition?

Thank you for your thoughtful article on the murder of abortionist Barnett Slepian. It is oxymoronic for a person to murder in the name of "pro-life." Jesus warned that wolves would come in sheep's clothing. Evil is always done in the name of some "larger good." Witness the murder of millions under communism in the name of social justice. When a person unilaterally takes the life of some person apart from judicial procedures and righteous law, that person is guilty of murder, whether it is the life of an unborn, or the life of the doctor who performs the procedure. John the Baptist deplored the adultery of Herod, and paid with his life, but he did not conspire to take Herod's life, even though the law of Israel required the death of adulterers. The examples could be multiplied. To conspire against the life of anyone without the safeguards of divine order is to act as a loose cannon against the rights and safety of anyone. All such is contrary to God's divine order and merits condemnation, no matter what the private justification is. The man who took the life of Dr. Slepian is guilty of murder, and you are to be praised for calling it like it is. Pro-life should be pro-everybody's life. Why give the anti-life lobby more ammunition? - C.W. Powell, Colorado Springs, Colo.

No more Clinton

I am sorry but I am sick of hearing about Bill Clinton. Okay, we all know what he did.We all know he is not the greatest president; but give it a break! I don't necessarily like Mr. Clinton, and I know he did lie. But reading about him week after week, page after page, is quite annoying. - Ashlee Jones, Cornelius, N.C.


Just a note to thank you for the uncompromising devotion to Christian values shown in your magazine. While many of your articles may be too explicit to be read by our 10- and 12-year-old children without benefit of parental guidance, it does conservative parents a great service by providing a springboard to discussion of the thorniest issues. And, while mainstream media often introduces such topics with the hidden agenda of subverting parental authority and Christian ethics, you do not hesitate to denounce corruption where it is encountered. Finally, while I continue to read letters from irate readers cancelling subscriptions because they object to the tone of specific articles, or to the mere fact that you do not hesitate to cover and condemn the moral cesspool that is Washington, D.C., I say, as our British cousins might, "Good on you!" The uncomfortable fact that it is impossible to denounce the sins of the Clinton administration without touching upon illicit behavior makes me admire you that much more for daring to broach these subjects in a Christian publication. As they say, roaches and other loathsome creatures can't stand the bright lights. Keep up the good work. - Barry Jones, Fort Payne, Ala.


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