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Issue: "Exodus from Disney," Nov. 7, 1998

Anyone with guts?

In your article about third-party candidates, "Autumn of their contentment" (Oct. 10), you state that the Clinton scandal has united conservatives under the Republican banner because Republicans have far more in common with each other than with Democrats. Elsewhere in the same issue Joel Belz bemoans the fact that we seem not even to have a Congress ready to remove Bill Clinton from office, as he so richly deserves. The House Republicans should easily impeach. With the help of the few Democrats that have denounced the president, the Senate Republicans would stand a fighting chance of conviction. Yet the Republicans show no sign of the courage that it takes to do the right thing. They may yet impeach, but I doubt it. The Clinton scandal and the Republican response have deepened my commitment to the American Heritage Party. - Paul Douglas Franklin, Yakima, Wash.

Proud to be third party

As I flipped open this week's issue of WORLD I was thrilled to see Peg Luksik's picture as part of the feature article, "Autumn of their contentment." Mrs. Luksik has become well known in our state among educators, congressmen, and pro-life people as a serious Independent running for governor this November. Thousands of people around our state are proud to support a third-party candidate, feeling that this is the time to say no to the Republican (and Democratic) party agenda. You cannot imagine my dismay upon reading your article. Your evaluation brought discredit to all those would-be Independent party candidates who have the guts to say no to the two parties that do not represent the majority of people in the United States. - Pam Shryock, Brookhaven, Pa.

Don't split the party

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Helping to split the Republican base for any reason is the same as voting for the Democratic party. Only a strong, united Republican party will be able to defeat the liberals in November. No political party is perfect and none will ever be, but why give votes to those who are consistently and flagrantly anti-Christian? - Roger A. Schwind, Arcadia, Calif.

Dirty little secret

Your two most recent cover stories, "Endangered species" (Oct. 3) and "The good war" (Oct. 10), point to the dirty little secret of too many pro-life groups: Party loyalty takes precedence over pro-life principles. My pro-life activism over the last 10 years has shown me that Republicans aren't necessarily pro-life, nor Democrats pro-choice; and a vote for a third-party candidate is never wasted if all that can be said of the better of the major party candidates is that he or she is "the lesser of two evils." - Karen Swallow Prior, Buffalo, N.Y.

Trust God for survival

A comment in "A tough call" (Oct. 10) disturbed me. You said,"We don't want to raise the price any higher and the key to holding the line is gaining advertising revenue, which means accepting some ads we do not necessarily like." I would hope that you would have enough faith that God wants your magazine to continue that you would not accept ads that you do not like. - Mandi Beaman (18), Indianapolis, Ind.

Disappointed in ad policy

In response to "A tough call," I must say I am disappointed with the decision regarding what ads your magazine will accept. I would like to be able to recommend WORLD to my congregation. What do I say to the "babes in Christ"? Read the articles but don't read the ads? - Rick Young, Albion, Maine

Haven't crossed the line

Regarding "A tough call," I just want to say right on. As a matter of fact, I may have to subscribe now to make up for someone you may have lost due to your philosophy. Media such as this are rare and much needed in our society, where truth has been replaced by agendas at the cost of common sense and reason. - Michael Roberts, Memphis, Tenn.

Please cancel-Not!

I seriously object to your Remarkable Providences editorial (Oct. 10) and request you cancel my subscription-Not! Although most of the World staff espouse the seriously flawed Reformed theology, you still produce the absolutely best weekly magazine in the market today. Your biblical worldview cannot be met by any other magazine, and I truly appreciate it. - Larry Reagan, Lusby, Md.

Glad for drivel-free magazine

I will not cancel my subscription. Might probably renew for two years next time or perhaps for eternity. The tone, style, content, and focus is truly superb after the infantile drivel from Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report and the postmodern pietism of other "Christian" magazines. WORLD gives me a lift every time I read it, and even if you advertised Christian mud wrestling or Christian body piercing, I would continue to support you and the magazine. - German T. Cruz, Atlanta, Ga.


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