The new state church

"The new state church" Continued...

Issue: "Who's marching now?," Oct. 17, 1998

Mr. Blair at least recognizes that religion plays an important social function. But if its function is purely secular, there is no need for all of that supernatural stuff. The state can conduct "naming ceremonies," marriages, funerals, and counseling sessions on its own.

This next step in the secularization of religion may be partially due to churches that give the impression that this "meeting of needs"-providing day care, sponsoring self-help groups, providing psychological services-is what the church is about, rather than the proclamation of Christ. If the church becomes secular, there is nothing to stop the secular from becoming a church.

Citizens should recognize that when the state insinuates itself in place of every other mediating institution, from the family to the church, it will have become totalitarian. When the state puts itself in the role of God-as the solver of all problems, the sovereign director of all things, and the source of every good and perfect gift-it will expect supplication and worship. Freedom will have been extinguished. And authentic Christianity will be a rival that cannot be tolerated.

So when Clinton-era politicians want to "minister" to us, we should remember what happened to Monica Lewinsky.

Gene Edward Veith
Gene Edward Veith


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