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Issue: "California: Bellwether state," Oct. 24, 1998

Good for kids?

So what is all the uproar about? Ken Starr's report contained nothing that our children have not been taught in school for the last 25 years ("Capitol punishment," Sept. 26). No wonder all those people (real or mythical) believe Bill Clinton is doing a good job. Way back when sex education was first tainting the school system, one of my loyal spies brought me the manual for training sex ed teachers. "Q: How do homosexuals make love? A: [graphic list of methods]." We tried to get that manual into our local papers . No editor would touch it. Much too gross for a family newspaper, they said virtuously. Not, however, too gross for the nation's classrooms with millions of still-innocent children. Now we have this depravity seeping out of high places and the "victim" wailing that this is a private matter. If we teach it in the public schools with public money and discuss it in public meetings, at what point does it become an intimate, private act? - Lola Perrins, Big Timber, Mont.

Gone too far

My name is Sarah and I am 12. I love your magazine. I have always been thankful for your Clinton updates, but you've gone way too far and begun to judge him; that's wrong. My friends disagree with me on this subject, but I feel it's my job as a Christian to state my opinion. I am angry at what he did, but God loves him anyway. And it's God who will judge, not us. We should be forgiving and just let God punish Clinton, instead of being hateful. - Sarah Diepel, Ypsilanti, Mich.

Dragging things out

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It is Bill Clinton, not Ken Starr, who has been spending our $40 million. Clinton was the one who committed the acts. He promised to cooperate. Then he lied under oath and did not confess until several months later. This dragged out the investigation and cost the taxpayers lots of money. He also refuses to resign because he thinks he can continue being president. Clinton is the one who has been dragging the investigation out. Ken Starr was hired by the government to do a job. That is exactly what he is doing. - Beth Starbuck, Memphis, Tenn.

Duty to forgive

Mr. Budziszewski raised an interesting theological issue in his statement that there cannot be a duty to forget the wrongs committed by others ("So, so sorry," Sept. 26). One might certainly argue that position with regard to a sovereign God. The question is whether the same can be said of us. His statement that "not even love requires us to expose ourselves to further harm" is contrary to the word of God. The very nature and cost of love as revealed in Christ is to knowingly, willingly, and constantly risk something of ourselves. Christ commands that "if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." That sounds to me like further harm. - Randy Ivie, Winterville, N.C.

Filthy magazine

Please don't ever send your filthy magazine to my house. It is filled with innuendoes, assumptions, bias, and unsubstantiated information. If anyone wants a real "Christian Newsweek" they should subscribe to Christianity Today. - Rachel Tucker, Laramie, Wyo.

Students say

I require my Basic News Writing students (college juniors and seniors) to read your magazine each week. I though you might be interested in their comments: `I like the Christian slant. `It's not designed for young people. `Covers some things other media ignore. `It's weak in economics. `Very U.S. focused. `I like the optimistic tone. `The cover stories aren't always scandal oriented. `I appreciate and trust their book and movie reviews and have gotten some good suggestions for my reading list. `The news wasn't watered down and patronizing; all the facts were there but the perspective was different. - Kim Peterson, Bethel College

Jingled truth

Blanche Lincoln's words remind me of this jingle ("Let them eat sponge cake," Sept. 12): "One bright day in the middle of the night, Two dead men got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other, Drew their swords and shot each other. If you don't believe this story is true, Ask the blind man, he saw it too!" Like Mrs. Lincoln, this jingle sounds cute but it cannot possibly be true. She is just as false. A wolf in sheep's clothing. - Parker Benson, Ringgold, Ga.

Plan to evangelize

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord who are actively preparing for Y2K or natural disasters: Please don't forget to put some Bibles next to the powdered milk. Any major disaster can become a marvelous opportunity for evangelism. A tract wrapped around a can of tuna fish might actually get read by a hungry neighbor. How about some nice Gospels of John to hand out with a candle when the lights go out, for those in both spiritual and earthly darkness? If you anticipate neighbors borrowing wood, plan to offer them a good Christian novel to read by the fire. If they have children, maybe they'll accept a copy of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to read aloud to the kids while video games are down. Are you blessed with a gasoline generator? Plan for an occasional video afternoon for all the neighbors. How about the Jesus film? Kids going through television withdrawal will watch nearly anything, even gospel shows. For less overt outreach, try Ben Hur-it may not be on the theological level of Calvin's Institutes, but it's a start, and your hospitality may open doors to speak about the Lord. The national electric grid is alive and well; the embedded microchips are still in 1998, the ATMs are pumping cash, the Christian bookstores are brightly lit, and the printing presses are rolling. No ice storms or blizzards are stopping your shopping. Now is the time to stock up food that endures to life eternal, and the words that are the pure water of life. Think "Y2K," think evangelism, think "disaster," and think of glorious opportunities to witness! Stock up and prepare! - Lyn Hettler, Ambler, Pa.


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