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Issue: "Campaigning from the closet," Sept. 19, 1998

Y2K opportunity

I appreciated your voice of spiritual reason about this Y2K issue ("A Y2K scare-nario," Aug. 22). Your call for careful thinking about what we as Christians should do in the face of the Y2K problems is very needed. Your exhortation for us to decide based on principles of Christian conduct instead of taking the worldly minded survivalist options was a very welcome addition to this discussion. God may use the instrumentality of the Y2K software problem to send judgment on this world system. If he does, this should be a golden opportunity for Christians to show God's love and grace to others who are caught in the turmoil. Sharing what we have in the midst of privation has always been an effective witness to the power of Jesus' transforming grace. Historically this has been one of God's most useful methods to reach lost souls. - David Withe, Newbury, Mass.

Defending our Spaghetti-Os

Most of the Y2K hysteria seems to be in the Christian community. As Christians we should have the most hope. David said he has never seen the righteous forsaken or begging bread. Of course we should be prepared both in season and out. But my wife echoed Joel Belz's attitude: Are we really ready to close ourselves off from the rest of the world and defend to the death our last can of Spaghetti-Os? - Daniel Diehl, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Sober-hearted expectation

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Those who believe the church will usher in the Golden Age are likely to be optimistic that Y2K and all the horrors emanating from Washington are just a large bump in the road to the Kingdom. Those of us who believe the end of this age is near and the coming of the Lord which will then usher in the millennial age is just around the corner are more likely to see Y2K as the "beginning of the end." And it is not with great glee that we greet that possibility, but with sober hearts and minds preparing not only for the physical problems that may loom, but more importantly, the spiritual challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. If we are prepared, we have a base from which to minister to those in need around us, both of the household of faith and the lost. - Joy Smelser, Elizabethton, Tenn.

Y2K evangelism

I have found that I can use Y2K to reach out to my neighbors-you know, the people that Jesus told us to love as ourselves. In the past few months I have been trying to educate my neighbors about Y2K and have been able to tell more people about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit than I have in the past few years. It's easy: When you start telling people to prepare physically for something that is coming in the near future, why not tell them to prepare spiritually for something that is coming in the near future also? - Paul Lowry, Statesville, N.C.

Fear makes news and saviors

In the article "Binary Blowout" you point out the concerns many have now regarding the Y2K problem. Fear makes good news and makes saviors out of politicians. What we need most is balance for the sake of his people and our economy. More trust and faith should be placed in the knowledge that God is in control, that he is our provider, that he is our refuge. - Elaine Lopez via Internet,

No force, never

Joel Belz seems bothered by those with guns on their Y2K shopping list, and then justifies their "appropriate" use. What's the difference? This armchair hair-splitting sounds good in theory, but when you're really "under the gun," how do you tell when his hypothetical commandos have crossed the imaginary line of merely wanting our food to posing a direct threat to our family? Frankly, I find it hard as a Christian to justify any distinction. Those who think they can sort out such life-and-death decisions (much less shoot straight) in a split second in the middle of the night after being wakened from a sound sleep have watched more late-night westerns than I have. The Bible says "do not return evil for evil, … do not resist him who is evil, … pray for those who persecute you." If the Lord can send an angel to blind the Sodomites on Lot's front porch, I trust that he can deliver my family from similar harm, and if he does not, I know whatever he ordains is right. - Mike McMillan, Duncanville, Texas


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