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Issue: "Postmodern politics," Sept. 12, 1998

Believe it when I see it

"Greater cooperation with faith-based organizations" was part of the welfare reform rhetoric two years ago. But as I testified before California Assemblyman Tom Bordonaro's committee, "I'll believe it when I see it." And I was right. Once able to purchase surplus USDA food commodities, we are now able to receive the same commodities for free, if we cease to be who we are-a "Gospel Mission." As the only emergency homeless shelter in Stanislaus County, our statistics are proof positive that what the government has efficiently done is to redirect the poor to private agencies. Thankfully, we chose to be dependent wholly on God and the prayers and voluntary contributions of his people. He shall supply our needs, and the needs of the poor, "according to his riches in glory," long after secular funds have dried up. We believe that feeding people without giving them the gospel is just another failed social program that perpetuates homelessness. Who better to give them the true "bread of life" than a Gospel Mission? It's what we do. It's who we are. - Barbara G. Deatherage, Modesto Union Gospel Mission

Liars need not apply

You quoted President Theodore Roosevelt, saying, "Unless a man is honest, we have no right to keep him in public life. We need absolute honesty in public life...." I believe that President Clinton is a liar, and the evidence more than supports this. I also believe that he has broken his own oath to protect and defend the laws of this country. President Clinton has shown himself to be unworthy to hold this position. Enough is enough. - David Hedlund, Newnan, Ga.

Composting Rosemary

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In "Secular anti-humanism" (Aug. 15), Rosemary Radford Ruether states, "We need to seek the most compassionate way of weeding out our people," like one would weed a garden. She continued, we need to develop "a spirituality of recycling, a spirituality that includes ourselves in the renewal of earth and self. We need to compost ourselves." In her case, that sounds like a good idea to me. Let her prove the sincerity of her proposal by leading the way. - Ruth Rasmussen, Crimora, Va.

Cosmic debris?

I enjoyed your article "Secular anti-humanism." It depicts, to my mind, the classic extremes of liberal and conservative thought on the environment. Neither side has an exclusive grip on truth. Even from the assumptions of secular humanism, a rational picture of the universe would grant that man is the sole known species endowed with a creative mind. That power of mind alone suggests dominance. Mother Nature is a mindless collection of debris adrift in the vacuum of space. The liberals are correct in their assertions that our dominance has, at times, been abusive.The entire body of Scripture, beyond God's original grant of dominance, delves into the proper ways to care for the garden. - Steven E. Fick, Rarriottsville, Md.

Fight the slump

I'm so thankful for your up-to-date information and that it is all so beautifully presented from a Christian viewpoint. My mind lately has been so full of homosexual propaganda and the presidential embarrassment that I find myself in a slump.
How did we, as a nation, fall so far from the stately, wise leadership of Ronald Reagan, whose very presence made me so proud to be an American and a supportive military wife? - Jennifer McFarlane, Denton, Texas

Cow pie

I wasn't aware that Nazis still existed until I read your rag. And to base your obsession on such an easily proved forgery as the Bible is at best ludicrous. You have no right to oppress this nation with your obviously demented views. By hating the hater, you yourself become the hated. I know, I know! You say you don't hate the person but only the sin! Bovine Scatology! That type of twisted and perverse logic has no place in a sane mind! Wake up and smell the cow pie you're standing in! - Tom Hale via Internet,

Nasty and nastier

Please cancel my subscription to WORLD magazine immediately. Each issue is nastier than the one before. - Marjorie Fountain, Franklin, N.C.

WORLD rocks!

My name is Sarah Thomas, and I just wanted to say that your magazine rocks! Of course, I immediately reveal myself as being 14 when I say that. First off, I think that your Quotables are the best part of the magazine. I read them every time. My dad said I should tell you that when your magazine arrives, it sometimes causes fights in our house. Here is the typical scene: The mail gets brought in and put on the dining room table. If I or my brother Andrew (who's 11) are in the room, we immediately rush for the pile to see if we've gotten anything. If WORLD has come that day, I will grab it and sit down to read. If I put it down, then Andrew will grab it and flip to the cartoons. If my dad gets it first, he puts it beside his place. Then I walk by and pick it up, and an argument ensues about who gets to read it first. So now you know your magazine is wildly popular in our home. - Sarah Thomas, Shelbyville, Ky.


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