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Issue: "Y2K: Binary blowout?," Aug. 22, 1998

Free at last

I grew up in the United Methodist Church in south Georgia, was active in my Methodist youth group in high school, sang in the church choir with my older siblings and mother, who was the organist, and served on various committees ("Madness in the Methodist," July 25). After college, medical school, and residency, I finally started studying my Bible in earnest. It was then that I realized that the UMC as a denomination was on the brink of heresy regarding its questioning of the authority of Scripture. My young family left the UMC with me in 1991, and we have been so blessed by our Lord by attending a Bible-believing church. To my brothers and sisters still in the UMC, I say, "Run from error and protect your families' hearts and minds." - George L. Smith, Covington, Ga.

Faith to move mountains

I would like to applaud the recent decision by the members of Kingsburg Methodist Church to withdraw from their denomination. I am encouraged by their display of faith through such a discouraging situation. - P. Micah Fries, Edgerton, Mo.

Godspeed to Kingsburg

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Godspeed and God bless to the Kingsburg United Methodist Church for voting, unanimously (including absentee ballots), to leave the UMC! This congregation obviously puts what the Bible teaches before denominational ethical standards. The very idea of performing "covenant" ceremonies, let alone homosexual ordinations, should reinforce what Jesus (quoting the prophet Isaiah) told the Pharisees in Matthew 15:8-9 ("These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men"). The UMC will never be truly united if the church leadership places tradition and tolerance above the loving Word of God. - Robert Gourley, Jeromesville, Ohio

Extreme analysis

To apply the Nazi/Jew analysis to the current battle over religious freedom is extreme ("Lying to the Nazis?" July 25). To recommend compromising the proper interpretation of the Constitution is short-sighted and unbiblical. We only need to look at the examples of Joseph, Daniel and company, or Jesus to know that God values principle over pragmatism. - Bob Leon, Avon Lake, Ohio

Prioritizing principles

In "Lying to the Nazis?" I question the statement, "Clearly, my pragmatism overwhelmed my principle." If, in fact, you "ignored the ... normal rules about personal property," it was because the principle of respecting personal property was superceded by the principle of protecting human life. The pragmatic part was using a garbage can to gain entry into the house so that you could act on your priority principle. Perhaps our dilemma is not whether or not to act on principle, but which of several interacting principles should take priority. These situations certainly call for wisdom from above. - Martha A. Hines, Saginaw, Mich.

No swearing

In your article on the movie Armageddon ("Revelation is a lot scarier," July 18), Chris Stamper mentions there is a lot of profanity. There is hardly any-maybe two or three. If he thought there was "a lot," he must not have seen very many recent movies! - Julie Goodman, Minneapolis, Minn.

Dirty mouth Willis

Bruce Willis of Armegeddon appears to need his excrement-filled mouth wiped with toilet paper, and his head examined all during the mad dash to a rock to save everyone. Only the Rock, Jesus Christ can do that. How I wish I'd saved my $4. - Cynthia Larkin, Ft. Pierce, Fla.

Love the Buzz

I am 15 and I love reading your magazine. I want to encourage you to keep reviewing movies; they really deserve it. I like reading The Buzz. It helps me know what my friends are talking about. It's also good to know that at least someone else takes Philippians 4:8 literally. Keep up the stand for purity in your articles. - Kendyl Adams, Carmel, Ind.


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