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Issue: "Beyond bread and circuses," Aug. 15, 1998

Stop whining

I have been involved in so-called Christian politics since 1956 ("Cracking the whip," July 18). Briefly, lessons learned: Form a county-wide Christian strike force; carry petitions for noncompromising candidates prior to primaries; get to know the election laws of your state and operate within them; get involved in the county committee of one of the two major parties with an eye to the process of assuming leadership; let that leadership choose and name the candidates who will strive for family values; by every means possible get out the Christian vote. The Republican leadership has at times strayed from the principles set forth in the Contract with America, but when they have kept faith, have we praised them for it? Let's stop whining and get to work with shoe leather, arm-twisting, and newsprint. - Paul Morgan, West Albany, N.Y.

Not necessary

Having been a faithful subscriber to WORLD for years, I was dismayed to see the sexually oriented headline quote on page 11 (July 18) from Nina Burleigh. Was this quote really necessary? It raises too many questions that I do not wish to answer at this time for the younger members of my family. - Richard Knight, Watersmeet, Mich.

Smeared no more

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I've read lots of articles for and against the NEA, but Gene Edward Veith's article ("NEA's chilling effect," July 18) was the cherry on the chocolate cake. Why Christians and art-lovers have to be continually smeared by the likes of Karen Finley is a question that begs an answer. "The Return" of this woman proves Mr. Veith's point that people aren't stopping her from sharing her art, they just don't want to pay for it. - Steve Baughman, Picardie, France

Performance "art"

Kudos to the Supreme Court for denying Karen Finley's desire to be publicly funded to have people pay her $20 to lick chocolate off her body. I'm sure there are plenty of strip clubs around the country that will allow her to perform her "art," pay her a salary, and allow her to earn "tips" for her work. I'm thankful that I won't be paying her salary any longer. - George Youstra, Brighton, Ind.

Loyalty, not riches

I am usually happy to read about baseball in your pages, but not this week ("Baseball's most wanted," July 18). Your choice of Mike Piazza seems to miss a promising development in baseball player relations. Unlike Piazza, this past season saw three superstars turn down the bigger bucks of free agency to sign with their current teams. I refer to Mark McGwire, Ivan Rodriguez, and Greg Maddux. Perhaps an article focusing upon these talented players would be more refreshing than another piece on a spoiled egomaniac. - Jeff Jarvis, Greenville, N.C.

What God thinks

I enjoyed the cartoon in the July 4/11 issue in which Mike McCurry is wondering where Trent Lott got such a "misguided backward irrational idea" about homosexual behavior.
Just thought you'd like to know I was on Chris Matthews' Hardball on MSNBC, and he asked me the same question-and I gave him the same answer Mr. Wright did: "Hey, what I think is totally irrelevant; the real question is, what does God say? It's very clear in the Bible that he hates homosexual behavior, and describes it as an abomination, worthy of death. You put Trent Lott, the majority of Americans, and me in a politically incorrect situation when you ask us what we think; the question should be what God's attitude is, and that's already there in black and white. Read it for yourself, and take it up with him." And they ran the show! - Pat Boone, Los Angeles, Calif.

Step aside

Please get out of the movie review business. I agree Hollywood has little if any redeeming qualities, but there are occasional movies that are worth seeing. Your reviewers, however, don't like anything. If all you plan to do is tell us every movie is poorly written and badly acted, don't bother writing reviews. Just write "ditto" on your movie page. - Dennis Powell, Floyd Knobs, Ind.


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