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Issue: "Betting on the future," Aug. 1, 1998

Our trade avenue

Our daughter has been working for the past year in China for two companies involved in "joint venture" programs, one of the several means by which the Chinese government is allowing free-enterprise economic development to occur there ("Is everybody happy?" June 27). We just returned from a two-week trip to China during which we visited our daughter. Her fluency in Mandarin allowed us to have meaningful conversations with a number of people, whom we found to be wonderfully welcoming, friendly, kind, and helpful to us, and very obviously happy to be having contact with U.S. citizens. Although there can be no debate about the fact that China's record on human rights is dismal, to limit trade and/or contact with China in any way would compromise the avenue we have that could influence policy. - Carolyn Males, Evanston, Ill.

You are lying bigots ...

Gene Edward Veith has done a good job of continuing the lying and bearing false witness against me and my same-gendered brothers and sisters by so-called "traditional family values" ("Filtering out morality," June 27). The AFA Web site needs to be CyberPatroled. - Jay Martin, Tupelo, Miss.

... unAmerican bigots ...

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I'm somewhat shocked by your editorial on CyberPatrol. The AFA Web site is not pro-family, they are anti-family. They teach people to despise and denigrate their gay and lesbian relatives, friends, and neighbors. This is not pro-family. This is also not Christian. Nor is it American. This modern version of Christianity with its laws and rules and regulations, with its judgmentalist attitudes, needs to be blocked to prevent impressionable children from seeing it and accepting the message of division and hate. - Ken Scott, Honolulu, Hawaii

... and anti-gay bigots

I find this controversy over CyberPatrol very interesting. However, I would like to respectfully suggest to you, who support anti-gay policies and sentiments, that just because a prejudice is based on religious doctrine does not make it right. - Frances Del Rio, Oakland, Calif.

Roosevelt swoon

While I usually admire Mr. Olasky's work, I was a bit surprised today to read his fawning piece on Teddy Roosevelt ("Here's to you, Mr. Roosevelt," June 27). Mr. Olasky fails even to consider whether the United States had any business declaring war on Spain. Much of the war fervor whipped up against Spain had been the product of admittedly false reporting by the competing newspapers of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. - William L. Anderson, Auburn, Ala.

He still inspires

Thank you for running the recent articles about Theodore Roosevelt. He was a man of remarkable integrity and one worthy to be emulated. Last week, the crew of aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt celebrated the 100th anniversary of the taking of San Juan Hill. We reflected on TR's qualities as a leader. Those qualities inspire and lead still in the fight to preserve liberty worldwide. - Jeff D. Hillman, POFC, USS Theodore Roosevelt

Hide true doctrine

I found irony in your article on BYU's firing of the feminist professor who advocated praying to a mother in heaven ("No PC at BYU," June 23). Mormon apostle Bruce McKonkie reaffirms the Mormon belief in a "Heavenly Mother." He also quotes an 1843 Mormon hymn that includes a prayer to her. I'm divided whether BYU took the action because they don't understand their own doctrine or because they would rather appear Christian than uphold their distinctives. - Warren Lewis, Veradale, Wash.

Lawyer jokes

I found Janie B. Cheaney's recent article, "Power or attorneys" (June 27), to be well-reasoned and accurately targeted. She scores direct hits with her statements regarding the consequences of championing legality above the law and of attempting to have a meaningful legal framework absent the necessary moral framework. - Craig Durham, Murrieta, Calif.


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