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Issue: "Madness in the Methodist," July 25, 1998

Big is bad

I just read Mr. Colson's response on the Religious Liberty Protection Act (RLPA), and I want to thank you for publishing your very good article exposing the difference between the two approaches ("Colson responds," June 27). Mr. Colson misses the point of federalism altogether and is happy to trump big-government liberalism with bigger government conservatism. This is a bad idea; it sacrifices the central principle of conservatism for a single alleged good. - Scott Carter, Asheville, N.C.

Accentuate the positive

I am greatly distressed at the way you portrayed the division in the ranks of evangelicals. It would seem that you would be working for reconciliation and cooperation and not against it.
It is distressing when one takes the position of all or nothing. And that is the position of the opponents of RLPA. - Malcolm J. Myers, Manakin-Sabot, Va.

Live and die politically

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If we live by politics, we die by politics. Mr. Colson's remarks in his full-page letter to WORLD confirmed the political methodology on which RLPA is based. Mr. Farris and those who seek the principled approach to religious freedom seek that which already exists in the Constitution, and the corresponding freedom of responsible citizenship. The RLPA tied to the Commerce Clause endorses the political enslavement it seeks to protect against. - David C. Massee, Germantown, Tenn.

"Right thinkers" protest

There are many "right-thinking Christians" who will, and who have already, come down in opposition to what Mr. Colson and Mr. Nolan consider right. Just because liberals use the Commerce Clause for their pet federal controls doesn't make it right. - T. McFie, Rustburg, Va.

Administration's deaf ear

I found a comment in Joel Belz's column about the War College (June 20) particularly interesting. He wrote: "When I asked whether the United States could right now re-stage Desert Storm, they were unanimous that we could not." Just the past week, I heard this same question put to a high administration official. He said yes, we could. One wonders just how well the administration is listening to its military experts. - Kathy Nesper, Bellflower, Calif.

Disappointed in reviews

I've generally appreciated your fine articles. But your movie reviews have been disappointing. As a former film editor for CBS I've seen quite a few films and appreciate the good ones. Granted, Hollywood's efforts leave much to be desired. But it's unfair to pan a film because it falls short of an absolute scriptural standard. As Christians we need to support those movies which champion something other than gross sensualism and perverted violence. If you badmouth all the films with positive spiritual and artistic qualities, you diminish our influence on the cinematic world. - Stuart Sacks, Wayne, Pa.

Cute comics!

I am 13 and love your magazine. It sheds the true light on public issues without hiding information or playing up bad situations. I must say that every time my family gets WORLD, I turn right to the cute comics; they are great. - Lauren Baker, Alpharetta, Ga.

Courage to shout

I'm thankful for men like Cal Thomas who have the courage to take a stand for what is right. To borrow a phrase from Mr. Thomas, count me as one who sees where Oregon's "Right to Die" law is leading-may we have the courage to continue to shout, "Stop before it's too late." - Tim Brown, Gig Harbor, Wash.

Y2K coverage

Thank you for your ongoing information regarding Y2K. I'm finding it difficult to discern the place of truth between alarmism and slothfulness in crafting my personal response to the approaching potential debacle. Our government needs to show greater leadership in attacking the problem.There went the budget surplus. - Beth Burk, Montrose, Colo.


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