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Issue: "Religious liberty fight," June 20, 1998


Regarding the article, "Gates or bridges?" (May 23), I think too much effort may have been made in explaining the conflict between Operation Rescue and Liberty University. Consider the simplest analysis: A gentleman from Texas is invited to speak at the university, and takes the opportunity to invite students to join him in taking the gospel to the "Gates of Hell." The next morning, the gentleman from Texas and his volunteers show up at the local high school. I can imagine that Lynchburg residents would see Mr. Benham as an outsider who presumed upon his invitation, taking action which could be interpreted as attacking the local high school, which, though it has its problems, is something that residents defend. If this is a correct reading, it points up a need for Christians to communicate and cooperate. - Carl Harter, Penryn, Pa.

Gay divorce?

While Mayor Giuliani is setting the pattern for the rest of the nation ("Rotten apple," May 23), will he also be requiring homosexual couples to obtain a divorce before being legally free of each other, as in real marriage? - David Wagler, Bloomfield, Iowa

It's not peanuts

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Joel Belz remarked that "teacher salaries have always been on the distinctively low side"(May 23). Not these days. The Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (Table #257, 1997) reports that elementary education teachers earned $37,100 in 1996 while secondary education teachers earned $38,500. Both are well above the national medians. - D. Eric Schansberg, Indiana University

Losing your head

I'm surprised Mr. Olasky didn't mention John the Baptist in "Honor the king" (May 23). I think he lost his head for criticizing the king for immoral behavior. - David H. Smiley, Virginia Beach, Va.

Constitution supreme

Thank you for reminding us that the Constitution, not presidential edict, judicial fiat, or congressional legislation, is the supreme (human) law of the land. - Eric Blievernicht, Utica, Mich.


Your use of a photo of Willow Creek church to illustrate "Christ and culture" (May 23) troubles me. Willow Creek's use of multimedia does not put it in the same class with churches that accommodate the culture by meeting in pubs or affirming homosexual unions. And its seeker services arise not from "worship wars" but from a desire to reach the lost. - Lee Barclay, Olympia, Wash.

And more shame

Shame on you for showing such bias against the thousands of evangelical churches in this country that are striving to be both culturally relevant and biblically sound. Does a church need traditional hymns and orders of service to qualify as acceptable? - John Williams, Princeton, N.J.

The transformer

I found the words "wildly uneven" to be a more apt description of WORLD's review of Deep Impact than of the movie itself ("A secular apocalypse," May 23). Deep Impact is about love, sacrifice, and putting the interests of others ahead of one's own. May Spielberg and Hollywood produce more movies like it. - Steven M. Jeavons, Marion, Ky.

Must-see Bulworth

Bulworth is a must-see film for anyone who believes character matters. Too bad Mr. Stamper only saw red. - Hilber Nelson, Twin Falls, Idaho


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