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Issue: "The gay getaway," May 2, 1998

Too one-sided

I object to your interpretation of John 19:10-11 and Romans 13:4 in "At death's door" (April 4). Because Christ acknowledges that Pilate's power was "given to him from above" does not mean he approved of the way Pilate used that power any more than he approves of the way such monsters as Hitler use it. When Paul says that the civil authority "does not bear the sword for nothing," he was instructing subjects of a dictatorship to obedience. He was in no way instructing the government on its use of their power. Today the people are the government. As the government, should we wield the sword as the pagan Roman emperor did? Your article seemed a bit one-sided for what is unquestionably such a highly controversial issue even among your readership. - Kerry Dougan, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

O.T. not redemptive?

I am very disappointed with John Whitehead's (Rutherford Institute) comments on capital punishment ("At death's door," April 4). Are we really to believe that the Old Covenant, which required capital punishment, was not a "redemptive religion"? Punishment now, he says, should be characterized by "true love." So evidently God was not loving prior to the coming of Christ? His arguments cannot be taken seriously. - Brian Mattson, Billings, Mont.

Maybe more spit needed

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Mr. Mahoney stated that he did not want the war of words between Operation Rescue and Dr. Falwell/Liberty University to escalate into a "spitting match" ("With friends like this," April 4). However, a little spitting may not be such a terrible thing in this case. Jesus used spittle as a tool to cure a man's blindness some 2,000 years ago. Since he is the same yesterday, today, and forever, it may cure the blindness these men are suffering from as well. - Barry Arnold, Chester, Va.

Keith Tucci responds

WORLD's recent article concerning Jerry Falwell's partnership with Barnes & Noble contained an absence of many pertinent facts and missed the focus of the Operation Rescue action. You may be right about one thing-to be more biblically pure, the money table at Liberty University should be overturned. - Keith Tucci, Operation Rescue

Hypocrite of the year

And the winner is ... Anita Hill, for her comments on Meet the Press (Quotables, April 4). Wasn't she, along with NOW, claiming just a few years ago that her allegations against Justice Clarence Thomas were not politically motivated? I can't help but wonder how long it will take before the National Organization of (Some) Women realizes that Clinton really doesn't believe in their politics, only in their votes? - Nancy L. Cramer, North Miami Beach, Fla.

Assaulting the Scouts

Christianity, honesty, and high moral standards are being attacked at a seemingly increasing rate. The assault on the Boy Scouts ("Scouts on the outs," March 14) has been occurring for several years now and will, I'm sure, continue. Who cares if the number of Scouts has decreased while the population has grown? The Scouts are standing firm in their principles, in which I firmly agree, and will not "cave in." If they do, then they will be no better than the myriad agencies, organizations, and clubs that have lowered their standards in order to be more politically correct or socially acceptable and avoid any dissent or conflict. Our hope for a better America is for more institutions like the Scouts to stand up for what is morally correct without bowing to the likes of the ACLU and its ilk. - Charles P. B. Busbey, Dripping Springs, Texas


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