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Issue: "The Jonesboro puzzle," April 11, 1998

Spiritual attack

The church underwent worldwide persecution during the sad days of the Roman empire. Christians of that era knew their best defense: in prayers, some of which are recorded in Acts. I appreciate what Abe Rosenthal is doing on behalf of suffering Christians ("Honest Abe," March 14). As a non-believer, he is doing what he can do. But Christians must do more: We must pray without ceasing that God would have pity on his suffering children, wherever they are. To do less would be tragic. A political strategy would be a mistake, leading us away from trust in God, and sending the clear message to the world that we trust in political solutions to what are spiritual attacks. - James Huffman, Burlington, N.C.

God's tool

The article about Abe Rosenthal was excellent. Somehow in this day and age when Christians are really "aliens and strangers" in America and increasingly coming under subtle persecution, it is refreshing to learn that there are non-believers whom God is using to sound the alarm. This should serve as yet another wake-up call to Christians to also take up the battle for our brothers and sisters around the world. - Jill Robertson, Bloomington, Ind.

Did he find the Savior?

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Although we were classmates at Harvard College, I met Julian Simon for the first time at our 35th reunion ("Poverty and pollution," March 14). The first thing he said to me, after introductory pleasantries, was, "Are you one of those fundamentalists who want to convert me?" I replied, "No, if I convert you, you will still go to hell. But I want the Holy Spirit to convert you." As your eulogy points out, Julian made tremendous contributions in affirming the value of human beings. I hope that he also found his way to the Savior. - Harold O.J. Brown, McHenry, Ill.

Borrow BBC's version

The Borrowers (March 14) may be the best theatrical story about little people living in walls ever made, but there's a better version available on video. Made by the BBC, it focuses on the whole Clock family, not just on the kids, and it's Pod's loving, courageous, and consistently moral leadership that holds the family together through all its adventures. - David Beard, Kelso, Wash.

Some men are jerks

Thank you for your article on the feminizing of American culture ("The androgynous zone," March 14). I don't think women gain equality when they stoop to male bashing, or look intelligent by having stupid men around them. I have been pondering your comment on Garth Brooks' song "She's Gonna Make It." I hadn't thought of it as a triumph song, probably because what I see during that song are the faces of five Christian sisters currently in some stage of divorce. Their Christian husbands left them for other women, other men, or just to "find themselves." My friends are left to pay the bills and raise the children, so they have to "make it." Each of them has gone through personal agony while trying to somehow keep their walk with Christ. One of their biggest obstacles has been the rejection by their own fellow church members because they have the divorce label, even though none of them wanted a divorce. Triumph for them is to get through the day without tears, and have enough food for their babies. - Louise Korade, Hollywood, Md.

Unfair memories

I was deeply disturbed by your reporting of the Puerto Rico statehood issue (March 14). Your mention of the violent incident in the Congress involving Puerto Rican independence supporters some 44 years ago gave the article an extremely unfair bias. This violent act against the Congress was committed by a small number of persons representing a small percentage of the Puerto Rican population. While it is certainly acceptable for WORLD to express a negative viewpoint on a given issue, it is unfair to include articles that characterize large groups of people by one unfortunate incident. - Tim Harvey, Harrisonburg, Va.


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