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Issue: "Paying with your life," April 4, 1998


I have been an admirer of Billy Graham all of my life and still believe that his message of repentance and faith is very close to the Bible. However, it is puzzling why he forgot his own teaching and excused sin and evil-doing in the White House on nationwide TV with Katie Couric ("Go and sin some more," March 21). This should be a wake-up call to Christians to search the Scriptures, pray and think for ourselves, and not put too much confidence in man, even the nation's most respected spiritual leader. Columnist Mike Royko said he refused to attend gatherings with the Clintons because doing so-and coming under the influence of their winning personalities-would make it difficult to report what they were doing was wrong. - Stan Severson, Claremore, Okla.

Teachers aren't the problem

The problem with our schools is not incompetent teachers, but student attitudes, absence of effective discipline (due to lawsuits), and the lack of parental concern and involvement. Perhaps in your cartoon you should show the children climbing on the desks and blowing up condoms (Wright cartoon, March 7). Take a day and visit several schools. You will see what I am talking about. - Russ Bradley, Gaffney, S.C.

Is this a boycott?

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Let me get this straight. Certain Caribbean Islands are banning homosexually oriented cruises from entering port; now the homosexual community is going to boycott and "spend their vacations and money elsewhere" ("Cruise control," March 7). This sounds like an agreement to me, not a boycott. Is there any question that this "boycott" will not work? - Joel Bangen, Mammoth Lakes, Ca.

The Lord is enough

Thank you for publishing "Heaven is enough" (March 7). My mom went to glory almost 10 years ago. I heard people talking about how she's not sad or lonely ... she's with (and they'd name a deceased aunt or uncle). I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to dishonor anyone in their grief, but my mind shouted, "She's with the Lord!" Who knows whether she'll ever take her eyes off of him long enough to even notice someone else? - Frederick M. Avolio, Woodbine, Md.

Removing spiritual hope

The tone of the editorial "Heaven is enough" was so blunt that it was unnecessarily harsh. A Christian does not have to be uncritically sentimental, or place human relationships above the Lord, to believe that he will see loved ones again, even if not within the constraints of family ties. The story of Lazarus and Abraham in Luke 16 reveals that the dead remember and communicate-which would indicate that we will all at least know and remember each other. This article, intended or not, removes spiritual hope-not just sentimental hope-from grieving Christians. - Ann K. Bailes, Anderson, S.C.


Scientists trying to clone humans ("Double trouble," March 7) without a biblically based moral compass are like chickens running around with their head gene turned off. - Mike Ormand, Lake Jackson, Texas

Dads don't babysit

Since when is it considered "babysitting" for a father to spend time caring for his child (Quotables, March 7)? I thought that such a father was only fulfilling his God-given responsibilities. - Martha L. Spotts, Huntington, W.Va.

Note the language

I broke a self-imposed rule to avoid R-rated movies and previewed Good Will Hunting for my underage daughter. Your March 7 review in The Buzz should have drawn attention to its constant and filthy language. I've renewed my vow to follow the advice of Philippians 4:8. - Stephen Davis, Lake Jackson, Texas

I just like skirts

So the popularity of figure skating at the Olympics is due to the feminization of America (Culture Notes, Feb. 28)? Give me a break. Us unfeminized guys just know that watching a skater in a skirt is more fun than watching hockey. - R. Lee Minture, Columbus, Ohio


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