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Issue: "Pensacola," Dec. 20, 1997

Move over, Rodman

There was no brutal violence like that of The Basketball Diaries--the heroin-chic movie (see p. 22) that may have inspired the Kentucky killing spree--but the real world of pro basketball did provide its own anti-role model last week. Golden State Warriors' Latrell Sprewell, suspended for physically attacking coach P.J. Carlesimo, put on a contrite face for his news conference, even as he appeared with superlawyer Johnnie Cochran. Mr. Sprewell and the NBA are going to arbitration over the league's one-year suspension. Mr. Cochran called the suspension "arbitrary and capricious," and top players said they might boycott this year's All-Star game if the punishment is not reduced.

Making their mark

Michael Podguski, last year a freshman at Chesterton High School in Indiana, entered English class and found a poster showing 10 historical figures believed to be homosexual and these words: "Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the ability to make a mark, let alone make history." Young Mr. Podguski thought the poster had nothing to do with academics, let alone English. He and his parents brought a complaint about teacher Bonney Leckie's agitprop, but last week the school board rebuffed them. "If this poster gets one kid to think, if it gets one child to not categorize or stereotype people, if it gets one kid to not use that derogatory word that we all know, then I think its educational value is inarguable," said school board member Michael Griffin, who could perhaps use a lesson in how "to not" split infinitives. The school board vote was 4-1. Dissenter Dawn Rogers criticized the school board majority for "intruding on parental rights" by undermining the values the Podguskis teach at home.


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