Yankee go home?

"Yankee go home?" Continued...

Issue: "Forbes: Right on the money," Nov. 8, 1997

In the absence of something sublime from the White House, opponents of China's policies are taking their battle to other fronts. In one example, members of Congress two weeks ago wrote Attorney General Janet Reno to press for an investigation of possible U.S. involvement in the harvesting of organs from Chinese prisoners. Rep. Wolf was notified last week by the FBI that subpoenas would be issued, presumably to Americans "on the take," Mr. Wolf told WORLD. The FBI said it was not prepared to release more details but will begin an investigation.

With so many fronts to a battle for human rights in China, what takes priority?

"The golden rule," said Mr. Wolf. "Treat people the way you want to be treated. Christians are no threat to China. Stop throwing them and others in jails."


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