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Issue: "Walk the Talk," Nov. 15, 1997

Solid candidate

Why should social conservatives be interested in Sen. Ashcroft ("Sackcloth & Ashcroft," Oct. 11), who by your own admission lacks passion and eloquence? We already have a candidate, Alan Keyes, who is renowned both for his powers of oratory and rock-solid principles. Were it not for the persistent media blackout of Keyes, he would have front-runner status among conservatives. Both Dole and Kemp were putty in the hands of their opponents in the last election, at least partly because of their lack of a solid foundation for their platforms. The Christian Coalition sold out to political expediency when they endorsed Dole in the last presidential election; they do not deserve a leadership role in the next one. - Leslie Appleby, Manchester, Iowa

Bring on the election

Thanks for the great cover story on John Ashcroft. I grew up just south of Mr. Ashcroft in Missouri and had the pleasure of voting for him twice before moving to Texas. I have the highest regard for him as a Christian who isn't afraid to speak his mind. After the past couple of election cycles when both candidates seemed more interested in winning the election than standing up for anything, it would be a pleasure to be able to vote for someone who you felt really believed in what he's campaigning for. Ashcroft in '00? Where's my ballot? - Joe Fahl, Corpus Christi, Texas

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I believe you owe Steven Curtis Chapman, Jars of Clay, Anointed, and Jaci Valasquez an apology for casting doubt and suspicion on their commitment to Christ. Has the great commission changed from spreading the gospel to boycotting Disney? - Mary Kate Bush, Sandusky, Ohio

Modern day scourge

Arsenio Orteza's description of rocker Bruce Cockburn's "The Mines of Mozambique" as agitprop (Oct. 11) trivializes a man-made plague that kills or maims 26,000 people, mostly civilians, a year. About 110 million anti-personnel landmines remain buried around the world, mostly in developing countries such as Mozambique. Landmines are a contemporary scourge. They do not discriminate between soldiers and civilians. No, Cockburn's song about landmines is not agitprop but an earnest call to stop the proliferation of a modern-day evil. - Serge Duss, Alexandria, Va.

Smart-aleck reviews

I like the movie reviews by Chris Stamper. I don't get to go to the movies very often, but I like to know what is going on anyway. Chris always gives a Christian viewpoint with an entertaining, smart-alecky quality to it. - Tom George, Plano, Texas

Thumbs up? or down?

I have a brief suggestion for your cultural section (film, music, and books). Instead of a finger pointing to the title of the artist's/author's work, why don't you take a position on the work and give a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down sign? This will let me know at a glance what your magazine thinks of the work and if I might be further interested in pursuing it myself. - Kenneth Fortress, Lafayette, Ind.

Give me my funnies

I love my WORLD and have to fight every week with my older children to retain the honor of first reading. I have shown your Web page to many people and the response back is, "World gives such a refreshing perspective on the news." Of course, I'm not surprised! But-didn't think you'd get off that easy did you?-your humor section has just the right amount of bite to it! So, where is it on the Web page? Come on, laughter is as important as that newsy stuff and your comics are a hoot! - Dan Scoggins, Nanjemoy, Md.

Mission news

As a long time member of Wycliffe Bible Translators/ JAARS I read with great interest the Mindy Belz piece in the International section of the Oct. 11 issue. But she forgot to mention the "Palm Beach" series. A click on the link "Stories from the Field" on the STN page will bring it up. I highly recommend it. - Bob Griffin, Waxhaw, N.C.

Don't sugar-coat the news

You have printed several letters criticizing your use of explicit descriptions of events that had a sexual nature. Please do not cave in to these complaints. When I feel I should inform others of these events, my only claim to credibility is that I know the actual facts. If the truth is horrible, then tell me the truth. I am paying for WORLD to be a newsmagazine, to inform me. I don't want my news sugar-coated. - Steve Davis, Wadesville, Ind


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