McMillan and husband

"McMillan and husband" Continued...

Issue: "Stand in the gap," Oct. 18, 1997

"Out of that hell emerged an abnormally strong woman," she says. "I fear nothing. I don't care if I'm taking on Loma Linda hospital to give a baby a heart transplant or the president of the United States for exposing himself and asking for sex. It doesn't matter to me. Wrong is wrong and right is right." She says her fearlessness is rooted in her faith. "People say, 'Aren't you scared taking on the president of the United States?' I say, 'Not at all. I have no fear in what I'm doing because Christ is my foundation.'"

Mrs. McMillan and Mr. Whitehead agree that Mrs. Jones is in the case for the duration. If she were after money, they say, she would have accepted Mr. Clinton's offer of a settlement. During that time, Mrs. Jones was under intense pressure, and high-pressure Mrs. McMillan became an "hour-to-hour" counselor. "My husband stepped in and negotiated with her two attorneys.... They gave her one and only one offer and said take it or we're out of here. She said, 'Bye bye.'"

At the first meeting with the Dallas lawyers in the McMillan home, the two women were joined by their husbands and the Joneses' two children. It was the only firm on which everyone could agree, and the lawyers are exactly what Mrs. Jones needs, Mrs. McMillan says. "These guys are real kick fanny."

The Rutherford Institute has been expanding from religious liberties into more human-rights issues, but Mrs. Jones's case against Mr. Clinton is something Christians should care about, Mrs. McMillan says, and she says it without softening her words. "I would certainly hope Christians would care about the fact that you have a man in the White House who may have deep sexual problems. I don't think you have to be a Christian to care about that, but I think Christians of all people would care about it. It's like a sickness. This man has something wrong with him. This is a president who believes that killing children in the moment before birth is OK. I would think that Christians would care very much about what this man does."


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