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Issue: "Ashcroft 2000?," Oct. 11, 1997

Underground news

I enjoyed Joel Belz's column, "Granola,not pablum" (Sept. 6), but you missed two important points. First, reading is down dramatically because we are turning out more and more illiterates from our public schools. The statistics are staggering: Approximately one-third of our population is totally illiterate or functionally illiterate, and that number is growing. Second, of those of us who can read fluently, many of us choose to get our information from underground presses rather than subscribe to the secular ones. They tell the truth from a conservative viewpoint that the liberal secular media chooses to ignore. - Donna Wyeth Thibodeau, Minneapolis, Minn.

Welfare not to blame

To pretend that the problems of Native American people can be blamed on welfare is so short-sighted I don't know where to begin ("A 50-year dance with Washington's wolves," Sept. 6). We lied, murdered, cheated, and forced Native Americans onto reservations. It is truly the grace of God that any of them could see past our hypocrisy to Christ. Are you saying we should cut them off and watch them starve? - Darren Davick, Chicago, Ill.

Save democracy

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I read with interest your glowing article on Rep. Dan Burton, "The House bulldog" (Sept. 6). Representative Burton is steadfast in ignoring the allegations against the fundraising head of his own party, Haley Barbour. I hope that, as Christians, we will all work to return our country to democracy by pressuring our membersof Congress to vote for comprehensive campaign-finance reform. - Ivonne Rovira, Louisville, Ky.

Cliff Richard fan

I was delighted to read the review on Sir Cliff Richard. I may be one of his few American fans, but have been ever since his debut when I was a child growing up in the British milieu of India. His music often plays in the operating room while I do surgery, and I hope that new fans are being created among the staff. His strong Christian witness has been particularly evident in his support for Christian missions and Christian mercy ministries around the world. - Priscilla R. Strom, Gainesville, Ga.

How about coupons?

I always feel compelled to read WORLD cover to cover. Now that you publish weekly, I'd like to make a suggestion: Include weekly food ads with coupons and I'll be glad to cancel my Sunday paper. - Eileen Arentz, Ventnor, N.J.


The cover of your Aug. 23/30 issue featured a lurid, tabloid-style teaser promoting a sad story of the sexual abuse of a child. The story provided all the sordid details. The same issue featured the publisher's note scolding Christian believers for tolerating movies with sexually explicit elements. It is unfortunate that the contradiction was lost on the editors. - Jay and Debbie Ryan, Cleveland, Ohio

The whole story

I was pleased to see that WORLD, in praising the determination of Mother Teresa in her selfless efforts to relieve the plight of millions of starving Indians and her courage in her relentless fight against the butchering of pre-born children, made mention of the Roman Catholic nun's universalist theology. - Johann van der Bijl, Greenville, S.C.

Gramma's passing

It is truly a Remarkable Providence that my grandmother died within weeks of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, two women who were heroes to many millions. Gramma lived to be 87 and served in children's ministries until she was well into her 70s. These past three years, she gracefully bore the indignities of immobility and the loss of everything but her faith. Her obituary occupied only a few lines in the local paper. A handful of family members and the most able of her frail friends were all who attended her simple memorial service. But she was a hero whose passing is worth noting-and all heaven welcomed her arrival. - Jennifer Raught Brock, Clarks Summit, Pa.


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