Real life in the ER

"Real life in the ER" Continued...

Issue: "Lyons thrown to Baptists," Sept. 20, 1997

Outside the trauma room again, Dr. Smith stands near a couple of other doctors. "That boy's life is changed forever," one doc comments softly. "Skin grafts every Monday morning, for the next two months. That's if he lives. If that's ever me, don't bother to intubate me. Just let me go."

Dr. Smith has noticed something about the mother; he tells a nurse to try to round up some scrubs for the mom to change into, and he goes to her to examine her hands. She's been hiding them, but they're almost as badly burned as her son's. Dr. Smith comforts her until a resident comes over and treats her burns.

A few hours later, Dr. Smith goes up to the third-floor burn unit to check on the boy and his mother. The boy is mercifully unconscious, and the mom is nearly so, slumped in a chair next to her son's bed. She rouses just enough to smile at Steve, to accept a few words of comfort. He says he'll check in again before his shift ends.

"I feel God's hand here every day," he says later. "I feel bad for that family; it's bad now, and its going to get worse. Right now they need compassion and kindness to get them through the night. More than anything, they need to feel God's hand. That's what I pray for." [FADE TO BLACK. ]


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