The welfare hydra

"The welfare hydra" Continued...

Issue: "The Man Behind the Duck," July 26, 1997

"This is not merely a black issue. The out-of- wedlock birthrate among whites is now 25 percent. The white family is now teetering on the same precipice of collapse on which the black family did in the early '70s."

It appears that a liberal tide is sweeping Washington, and many Republicans are cowering, fearful of unions and Mr. Clinton. To understand Mr. Clinton's hypocrisy, Mr. Rector says, you need only look to the campaign of 1996, when Mr. Clinton praised the cutting-edge approach of welfare reform in Wisconsin under the leadership of Gov. Tommy Thompson. Now, Mr. Clinton's proposals will outlaw the very things he praised. He "seems to be able to outmaneuver the conservatives. The man never tells the truth about anything, and the Republicans really do not seem to be able to grapple with that, and to get the better of him," Mr. Rector pessimistically points out.

Congressman Talent, who believes the issue won't be settled until the end of the fiscal year in September, welcomes the August recess as a time to wage his campaign to salvage last year's reform. If Mr. Clinton "wants people on community service to get more in terms of benefits and protections than a person doing an equivalent private sector job, I'd be happy to fight that. That's exactly what is wrong with the existing welfare system."


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