"It's the wired decade"

""It's the wired decade"" Continued...

Issue: "Taking the Bait?," July 12, 1997

Kelly: I think technology is like the life we see outside in nature. We have a very curious response to nature. We think of it as very benign and harmless and beautiful. But 100 years ago anybody would have told you that nature is something you have to battle. I think the proper approach is a balance between controlling nature and cooperating with it. It's the same with technology: Sometimes it has its own agenda and we have to work with that. Other times we have to say, "No, we have to control this."

WORLD: What do you think is the greatest threat that technology will pose to Christendom in the near future?

Kelly: The threat has little to do with digital technology and everything to do with genetics. The most severe debate will be over the definition of what it is to be human: issues of personality, whether it's genetically determined, where our own personality and being are derived from. All these debates are going to be horrendous. It will make abortion pale in comparison.


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