"I really, really do"

""I really, really do"" Continued...

Issue: "The Man Behind the Duck," July 26, 1997

Rep. Perkins, 36, has been married for 11 years and has two daughters. His bill also allows couples who are already married to use an "opt-in" provision. Couples can, in effect, trade in their old marriage license for a covenant marriage license.

Rick Bezet, associate pastor at a church near Baton Rouge, says he and his wife will be one of the first already-married couples to sign up. "I've helped married people renew their vows in my office," says Mr. Bezet. "The vows are often more powerful and meaningful 10 years down the road than they were when they first took them. I want that for my marriage." Eventually, Mr. Bezet adds, his church will likely make covenant marriage licenses a requirement for couples wishing to marry there.

Pam LeBlanc laughs when asked if such serious requirements detract from, well, the romance of a wedding. "I don't think so," she says. "If anything, it's made it more final, more sure. It's a little more exciting. We know this is really for life. We're not thinking, in the back of our minds, what if this doesn't work out? So in a lot of ways, it's even more romantic." c


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