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Issue: "Reno Under Fire," April 26, 1997

Political naivete

The Christian church seems never to have been mindful of political and business ethics or the right use of money and power. Ministers and priests are as much impressed by political power and wealth as average people. Throughout history the Christian hierarchy (with exceptions) has favored kings and politicians. Jesus' admonition to be "as wise as serpents" seems to escape a politically naive clergy. Christian leaders should be outraged by Bill Clinton. We should pray for our country. - Priscilla Ward, Harwich, Mass.

None of our business

It is no accident that WORLD has become a willing lapdog for the public relations department of a White House facing probable indictment and impeachment. The president desperately needs any and all supporters. If some of those supporters are gullible Christians, so much the better. The bigger question behind your article is that of the counseling given to Bill Clinton. Spiritual counsel should be confidential, and it is a disgrace that the counsel given to Mr. Clinton was revealed in your magazine. I am glad that they are seeking to guide Mr. Clinton spiritually. But after giving that guidance, they should have kept their mouths shut. - James Huffman, Burlington, N.C.

This is no joke

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I very much enjoyed the real-life Pinocchio caricature of President Clinton (it now hangs in my office). Although some readers may be troubled by "bad jokes," the sad commentary is the picture's truthfulness. It is no joke! - Darryl L. Andrzejewski, Eastpointe, Mich.

Spiritual search

Your treatment of President Clinton's spiritual search is indefensible from a Christian viewpoint. Are you merely interested in editorial yardage or are you interested, as God is, in the salvation of his soul? You should be applauding any steps he takes in that direction. No matter his reasons, Mr. Clinton is hearing the Word of God from these men. - Steve Holle, Billings, Mont.

Deceived by a silver tongue

Jesus said, "Not everyone who say to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven." It seems that some of our Christian leaders have been deceived by a silver tongue and placed Mr. Clinton's words above the words spoken by God. - Gunar Wermel, Schenectady, N.Y.

A big question mark

It is a black mark of no small proportion for the evangelical community that in the March 29 issue, Joel Belz gives a scathing editorial concerning President Clinton's propensity to avoid truth ("Polyester morality"), followed in the very next issue by Marvin Olasky's article in which two evangelical leaders offer accolades for the president's "increasing desire to know God, and to live for him," and suggesting that Mr. Clinton is a "friend." Clearly, the title of Mr. Olasky's article, "Faith in the White House," should have been followed by a question mark, and those evangelical leaders should have read Mr. Belz's editorial. - Roger Davis, Pembroke N.H.

Return to sender

My prayer for Bill Clinton is that in the good providence of God, someone at the White House messes up and the next time sends invitations to D. James Kennedy, R.C. Sproul, George Grant, and Randall Terry. When the president has spiritual advisers like Campolo and friends, is there any question this country is in trouble? - Jeff Kessler, Rossville, Ind.

Grace for a sinner

I am yet again severely disappointed with Tony Campolo. On the one hand Mr. Campolo states that evangelicals have failed to convince President Clinton that abortion is evil, and yet he states that if Mr. Clinton had an affair while in the White House (nicely qualified), he would be "upset ... to no end." Where is the grace, Mr. Campolo? What if the evangelical community has not done their job in convincing the president that affairs are wrong? Why get so angry with him then? - Ed Dressel, Dallas, Ore.


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