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The evolution backlash: Debunking Darwin

"The evolution backlash: Debunking Darwin" Continued...

Issue: "Evolution Counter-Revolution," March 1, 1997

In a dramatic rebuttal, captured on the video, a young man from the audience challenged Mr. Provine, saying, &quotMy background is murder and rape. I once thought that was okay, because who cared about life?" But now, he went on, he had come to realize that &quotlife does matter" and &quotthere are absolutes." The man's words were a stunning reminder that the origins debate is not merely academic; it involves the most fundamental principles by which people live and die.

The Darwinist establishment benefits enormously from portraying the origins debate as a tempest in a teapot, driven by a small, marginalized group of Bible-thumpers. But the public knows intuitively that at stake are the great questions of human existence. The influential Jewish journal Commentary recently published a masterful critique of Darwinism by mathematician and novelist David Berlinski. Reader response was so overwhelming that a later issue devoted nearly 50 pages to letters. The origins debate is clearly entering the mainstream.

&quotThe fundamental and most far-reaching assumption of Darwinism is that life is the product of forces that are impersonal and purposeless--that life is a cosmic accident," Mr. Johnson explains. &quotThis is a philosophy that strikes most Americans as false, not just fundamentalists. If Christians frame the debate that way, we can't be marginalized."

Mrs. Pearcey is co-author of The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy.

Nancy R. Pearcey
Nancy R. Pearcey


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