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Issue: "Evolution Counter-Revolution," March 1, 1997

If our nation had more people like you and Judge Moore asking people to pay attention to [God's] laws, many of our country's problems would be solved. To borrow one of your phrases, it would take the force of arms to remove my copy of the Ten Commandments--and I would be right there on the front line!

South Carolina Gov. DAVID M. BEASLEY, in a letter to Alabama Gov. Fob James, commending his courage in standing up against a judicial order that a Ten Commandments plaque be removed from an Alabama courtroom (see Feb. 22 WORLD).

The ABA should henceforth play no official, quasi-constitutional role in the Senate's confirmation process.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman ORRIN HATCH (R-Utah), in a press release signaling that the American Bar Association's strong influence over the selection and confirmation of federal judges and Supreme Court justices is about to end. The ABA has come under increasing fire among Republicans in the Senate because of its activist liberal agenda. Most recently, the lawyers' body called for a moratorium on the use of the death penalty.

I made a mistake, and it will not happen again. The ACLU does not 'out' people, nor threaten to out people.

KEITH ELSTON, a state legislative lobbyist for the ACLU in North Dakota, who had one day earlier threatened to "out" closeted homosexual lawmakers who supported an anti-homosexual proposal. The ACLU styles itself as an organization devoted to preserving privacy rights.

The end of civilizations, cultures, interests, and ethics.

The Iraqi government newspaper Al-Jumhuriya in an editorial denouncing the Internet as a United States plot to enter every home in the world. There is no Internet access sold in Iraq.


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