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Issue: "Fighting Cultural Ebonics," Feb. 1, 1997

Abortion and Social Security

The article &quotSocial insecurity" (Jan. 11) was enlightening and attention-getting, especially to those of us in the &quothigh-50s" age group. But Bob Jones IV left out one extremely important causative factor that has been a major part of America's economic and moral trip down the slippery slope: abortion. Since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973, 1.5 million American lives per year have been snuffed out. If those lives had been allowed to develop, and if just half of them reached age 21 and became productive, wage-earning, taxpaying American citizens, then our financial picture might look a lot different. Statisticians tell us that a large percentage of those responsible for the decisions that have made these figures facts are Boomers and Xers. But those who taught those groups what moral standards to live by are mostly from older generations. We are responsible for our own actions. - Howard W. Richardson, Miami, Fla.

Still the same size

Your Jan. 11 cover announces &quotThe BIG ISSUE of '97," yet it seemed to have just as many pages as usual! - John R. Hamilton, Chicago, Ill.

The death it deserves

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Your article discussing the catastrophic financial consequences of the Social Security Ponzi scam (Jan. 11) completely missed the biblical principles that, if applied, could have avoided the present debacle. &quotBy the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground" (Genesis 3:19) and &quotIf a man will not work, he shall not eat"(2 Thessalonians 3:10). The concept that one should &quotretire" and depend on the labor of others for his own sustenance, especially through the compulsion and violence of the political taxation process, is unbiblical and anti-Christian. Social Security's financial problems should not be lamented; we should rejoice that it will some day self-destruct. Since we do not, as a nation, appear to have either the integrity or financial wisdom to repeal this repressive monster, it appears that the bankruptcy of Social Security is the best our children can hope for. - Daniel C. Cummings, La Junta, Colo.

Breathing easier

I enjoyed E. Calvin Beisner's article on the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed changes in the air quality standard for fine particulate matter (&quotDust in the wind," Jan. 11). As an air-pollution meteorologist, I deal with industry and air regulations on nearly a daily basis, and see the effect on various businesses. There is no scientific consensus on how to regulate this: The EPA's own committee could not agree on a single standard. This fact seems to be lost in the mainstream media. However, I do disagree with Mr. Beisner on one point, that there have been no violations of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards since 1988. The standards are measured against smaller geographic areas, such as counties, cities, or in some cases, even parts of cities; in the last three years, there have been individual exceedances of the standards for particulate matter--even though he is right that, overall, the nation's air quality has improved. - Mark Saito, Independence, Mo.

Not missing by choice

In defense of the three kidnapped missionaries who were the subject of a Nov. 23 WORLD article and of a critical &quotMailbag" letter, I would like to point out that these men were taken captive by Colombian rebels, not leaving their families by choice. I have been praying for these missionaries and their families for years with much anguish and many tears. They have not abandoned their families; the enemy has divided them and God is giving them and us this trial that we may fully put our trust in him. - John Stuart, Greenville, Maine

Violence against TV

By plugging dance/pop/etc. in between the garbage videos, MTV (&quotI don't want my MTV," Jan. 11) could actually be more dangerous than before. Many viewers, especially parents of young teens, will let down their guard thinking the channel is not as bad as it has been and end up allowing the same old trash to enter their homes and minds. The single best solution is for Christians to take their TV out back and put a bullet hole in the screen (the ultimate in TV violence). If every believer did this, America would be a different country overnight. - Christian Elliott, McConnellsburg, Pa.


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