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The power of The purse

"The power of The purse" Continued...

Issue: "Follow the Greenback Road," Jan. 25, 1997

Apart from any election law violations and the fate of John Huang, the big questions now asked in Washington are (1) whether government policy was altered because of the fundraising in question and (2) whether any foreign governments--many of the wealthy Asians and Asian-Americans have ties to Asian heads of state--sought to produce change in policy by laundering money through Asian businessmen giving sums to Asian-Americans who in turn contributed to the Democratic Party and thus to Mr. Clinton.

At some point Ms. Reno may be compelled to ask for an independent counsel. It would be the fifth assigned to investigate the Clinton administration.

Incidentally, in the 1996 election 49 percent of Asian-Americans voted for Bob Dole, and 42 percent for Mr. Clinton. In congressional races, 53 percent voted for the Republican candidate, 42 percent for the Democratic candidate. As in the presidential race, Asian-Americans voted more Republican than did whites.


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