Madeleine Albright's utopian universalism

"Madeleine Albright's utopian universalism" Continued...

Issue: "Follow the Greenback Road," Jan. 25, 1997

A growing inclination to rely on multilateral arrangements and multinational organizations, according to Mr. Moore, is what will characterize U.S. diplomacy under Mrs. Albright. &quotThe tendency of Madeleine Albright to engage in the multilateral approach to problems in the world will put increasing pressure on the United States, particularly in the area of peacekeeping, with the military slavishly going along."

According to figures obtained from the United Nations by Mr. Moore and Mr. Holmes, the UN's peacekeeping budget has risen from $379 million in 1990 to $3.5 billion in 1994. The portion assessed to the United States has also grown nearly tenfold: from $118 million to $1.1 billion in that time.

In a second Clinton term, Mr. Moore told WORLD, &quotThis will lead to a radical shift in the U.S. military, away from a war-making power to a global Salvation Army."

Underlying it, he said, is &quotforeign policymaking based on utopian universalism." He also expects to see more U.S. diplomacy accomplished through multilateral treaties, often carried out in the form of executive orders that circumvent the Senate's constitutional role of ratification.


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