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"Life worth living" Continued...

Issue: "Down Syndrome = Death Sentence?," Jan. 18, 1997

And when people start noticing, they’ll see those “beautiful almond eyes” everywhere: “They’re working at Target, they’re sacking your groceries, they’re smiling at you as they help you at Kinko’s,” she says.

Mrs. Curtis has seen the effectiveness of showing parents that DS isn’t a death sentence—unless they choose to make it so. After their son Jonathan was born with DS, Mrs. Curtis told her doctor to give other parents expecting children with DS her telephone number. Not many called, but one couple who did call met with the Curtis family and decided not to abort their baby. The Curtises have now adopted that child.

“I think everyone involved knows deep down that we all made the right decisions,” she says. “We’re just hoping now that more couples will call us.


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