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Issue: "Flawed to the Ameri-Corps," Oct. 19, 1996

A neglected issue

Thanks for your outstanding cover story "A modest proposal" (Sept. 28). WORLD is the first news source I have seen address this vital issue. I think that nuclear terrorism is perhaps this nation's greatest current security threat, and that this threat will only grow with nuclear proliferation. The author focused on the viable threat of the ballistic missile but I am afraid that the threat may extend to other delivery methods as well. We need to be praying about the nation's security, and for wisdom for the president and the military who are responsible for this security. - Dave Murphy, Sumter, S.C.

Don't give up your dream

As a junior at Wheaton I would like to personally thank you for your words on keeping in mind how God wants us to do things ("First, the molehill," Oct. 5). God does indeed have a timetable that is often much more patient than the ones we possess. However, I think that the dream of something on the order of "a Christian counterpart to USA Today" is a laudable goal, and probably an achievable one as well. Until about a year ago, I did not think it was possible to even have a Christian slant on the news, let alone one of quality. Then I ran across WORLD and discovered that it really is possible. I bet that the people are out there to enable such a project to come together; it may just take a little longer than most of us would like. Thank you for your work. File, but don't throw away, that dream of your youth. - Gregory M. Jones, Wheaton, Ill.

Some tough questions

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Dr. Henry skirts one of the most important issues in the science/creation controversy ("Evolution: Shout it out!" Sept. 11). He fails to stress the necessity of confronting Darwinist evolutionists with basic scientific questions that they have failed to answer. Here are two: Why have no new major animal groups appeared since the great explosion? Why have Darwinian mechanisms produced only minor variations in species, but never any major innovations? There is nothing Darwinists like better than to have nobody notice that their theory has no empirical answers to questions such as these. Their claim that Darwinian theory is supported by overwhelming scientific evidence needs to be vigorously challenged. We need to keep pressing them to lay out the scientific evidence. - Robert F. DeHaan, Philadelphia, Pa.

Basic premise

"No pain, no gain" (Sept. 28) provides some very appropriate instruction on the matter of child discipline. It is encouraging to see that the author starts with the premise that those providing the discipline must have a life that is spiritual. This fact is so often omitted by so-called authorities that it is virtually forgotten. If one is to rear his children in the nurture and admonition of the Scriptures, one's life must be governed by those same Scriptures. - Nels Nelson, Fort Collins, Colo.

Get a job

Frankly, I am tired of hearing the cry of "pity the poor tobacco grower" ("Where there's smoke," Oct. 5). The whole tobacco industry is no better than the drug lords in South America. I'm sure that just like the tobacco growers, cocaine growers may be very nice hard-working people dependent upon their crops. But their product is clearly harmful and deadly. Just like tobacco. I have a message for you tobacco growers: The product you are growing is killing people. Find a new job. - Eric Olson, Seattle, Wash.

A national scandal

I am troubled whenever our Christian leaders are swayed not by conviction of right or wrong but by the political correctness of their party platform. How can Joel Belz be so transparent as to criticize President Clinton's campaign against tobacco. The long-drawn-out battle in which the FDA was brought in to effectively regulate the tobacco industry is a commonsense reversal of an embarrassing national scandal. Let's put down the party platforms and applaud the one virtuous governmental action of this shallow presidency. - David Campbell, Arcadia, Calif.


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